God Emperor

God Emperor

Chapter 1325: Ye Xiaoxiang, Torn Heart

After telling his entire story, Gu Song didn’t feel that sorrowful and depressed anymore. He took a deep breath, and he wiped away all his tears.

“Why’re you eating so fast? Leave some to me.”

Gu Songzi realized half the soup and meat in the pot were gone after he felt better. He immediately rushed forward to try and get some more food.

After an hour, they had finished all the soup and meat in the pot. Jinfu Giant Python even ate the bones.

Gu Songzi praised Qing Mo’s cooking skills before getting back to the thatched cottage and studying pills again.

Qing Mo looked to the thatched cottage and said, “I really empathize with Gu Songzi. His entire family was killed, yet he had to hide in Xianji Mountain, which is filled with dangers, and seclude himself for hundreds of years. He has foes, yet he can’t avenge his family.”

Zhang Ruochen felt that Gu Songzi went through similar things to what he had. They both had a foe that they couldn’t defeat, which gave them constant stress.

As long as their enemies were still alive, they had to hide themselves and couldn’t show their real names.

Perhaps only Zhang Ruochen could understand how much pain Gu Songzi felt.

“My lord, do you really think the Crazy Alcoholic is so cowardly that he would leave Gu Songzi’s entire family to die?” Qing Mo asked.

Zhang Ruchen said, “When we were facing Zhongying King, Winged Dragon King and Thunder Sky King in Yin and Yang Ocean, the Crazy Alcoholic risked his life to save me. I’m obviously much closer to him than to Gu Songzi. The fact that he took such a great risk saving me only means he’s no coward.”

“Are you saying the Crazy Alcoholic has his own reasons?” Qing Mo asked.

Zhang Ruochen stood up and looked to the dark forest. He opened his heavenly eyes and saw the Crazy Alcoholic through layers of formations and woods. He asked, “If you want to know the answer, just ask him yourself.”

He could see what was going on outside the ancient formation, yet those outside couldn’t see anything inside.

The Crazy Alcoholic didn’t choose to leave, instead, he was trying to get into the forest. However, the ancient formation was so formidable that even he couldn’t penetrate it.

“Do you really think he’ll tell me?” Qing Mo asked.

Zhang Ruochen stroked his chin and smiled. “Those who love alcohol definitely love food as well. If I managed to tempt Gu Songzi to tell me the story with your delicious food, you could do the same thing to the Crazy Alcoholic.”

Qing Mo couldn’t be more curious. She couldn’t help rushing toward the forest to get the answer to her question.

Unfortunately, the formation in the forest was very impressive. It was difficult for her to both get inside and get outside. Qing Mo spent three days, yet she still couldn’t find her way out.

“The route out and the route in are definitely different. Let it lead your way out instead of exploring it yourself.”

Zhang Ruochen pointed at a far-off waterfall where there was a giant golden python lying in the water. It had been staring at Qing Mo while sticking its tongue out, hoping to eat something delicious again.

Jinfu Giant Python didn’t even have a sip of the soup last time. It only ate the bones of the savage beast.

Qing Mo’s eyes gleamed as she understood what Zhang Ruochen meant.

On the second day, Qing Mo successfully tamed the Jinfu Giant Python and vanished into the forest, trying to get out of the mountain.

Zhang Ruochen tried to comprehend the tenth level of Sword Seven, ‘Sword No Regrets’ and study ‘Time and Space Secret Guide’ at the same time.

The power of time and space was the most important trump card of Zhang Ruochen, so he certainly needed to keep studying it.

Meanwhile, he could feel that his meridians were getting sturdier. As long as he didn’t operate his holy Qi too fiercely, he wouldn’t feel pain at all.

“No wonder Gu Songzi has been staying here for six hundred years. This is indeed a great place to study martial way.”

Zhang Ruochen could feel his cultivation and attainments on sword way surging, which was inexplicably euphoric.

The Thousand Leaves Saint Core Grass started to absorb the light of the moon after the night, and permeated the light mist in the sky and land as if it was silver gauze, which was magnificent.


Zhang Ruochen heard very tiny sounds of walking. He originally thought that it was Qing Mo and Jinfu Giant Python returning, so he didn’t care about it much.

However, after a short while, he realized something was wrong. He immediately opened his eyes, letting out his mind power for inspection. He then discovered a group of monks in black.

Gu Songzi walked out of his thatched cottage, standing beside the lake and looking at the vague forest. He said, “What goes around comes around!”

After a short while, those monks in black walked out of the forest and showed up right across from them.

They were all wearing metal masks with crescent moon marks. They were all shocked after seeing the Thousand Leaves Saint Core Grass at the center of the lake.

However, they were powerful and well-trained enough to placate their minds again.

A tall and built man walked out. He was a heaven pass saint emanating great forces. Apparently, he was the leader of that group.

That tall and built man saluted Gu Songzi and said, “I’m Zhao Qilin from Dark Night Palace.”

Gu Songzi said, “Dark Night Spies would do anything to investigate the secrets for God Sect. I figured that out six hundred years ago. Does Shi Qianjue not want to give me a chance to live?”

Zhao Qilin said, “You’ve misunderstood me, Elder Ku! Our hierarch really regrets what happened in the past. He’s been trying to make amends, which is why he sent me here to invite you back to the sect to chair Pill King Palace, making our sect great again.”

“Really regrets it? Chair Pill King Palace again? I reckon Shi Qianjue only wants the recipe for making the Hua Divine pill.”

Gu Songzi couldn’t care less about being the leader of a palace. He smiled and said, “I don’t think you’re strong enough to get through the layers of the formation. Perhaps the real powerful person hasn’t shown himself yet, has he?”


A fiery light spot showed up in the sky.

The fire was blazing, and it turned into a fiery formation picture that was more than fifty feet long.

A green-caped elder emerged out of the fiery formation picture and stood at the center of the formation picture. He stared at Gu Songzi with his green pupils and smiled sneakily. “I’m Xiaomie, leader of Zhenwang Palace. Greetings, Elder Ku.”

Zhang Ruochen took a deep breath. Someone formidable had indeed arrived. Someone who was a palace leader.

There were nine palaces in Moon Worship Demonic Demonic Sect, and each of the palace leaders was a top-tier being. They could rival leaders of some ancient families.

Xiao Mie was a level-eight formation master. He was ranked top ten in Kunlun’s Field when it came to formation creation.

Xiao Mie instilled great fear in lots of saints in Kunlun’s Field.

Gu Songzi said, “No wonder the formation couldn’t stop you, as you have the palace leader of Zhenwang Formation!”

Suddenly, Gu Songzi was dazed. He realized something, turned around and looked to the thatched cottage.

Out of nowhere, someone in black entered the cottage. She was reading the spiritual papers on the desk. She was elegant, yet she horrified Gu Songzi.

Zhang Ruochen’s heart was also beating fast.

He hadn’t been able to sense that woman in black at all, even with his mind power and sensing abilities.

Which meant that woman in black was able to kill him without him realizing.

What kind of great being was that?

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t help sweating. He immediately released space domain to protect himself.

However, that was pointless. If she really wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

“Who are you?” Gu Songzi asked.

“Ye Xiaoxiang, leader of Dark Knight Palace.”

A female voice came out of the thatched cottage.

Her voice was vague and dim, and one couldn’t tell how old she was by that. She sounded like a young girl, but also a middle-aged woman.

“Ye Xiaoxiang, torn heart, Ling Feiyu, Incomparable Sword Master.”

That line of a poem was used to describe two of the most powerful women of Moon Worship Demonic Sect. One of them was Ye Xiaoxiang, the leader of Dark Night Palace, the other was Ling Feiyu, the leader of Saintess Palace.

Another great being. Zhang Ruochen thought.

Obviously, Ye Xiaoxiang didn’t find what she wanted, so she put down the spiritual paper and walked out of the thatched cottage. Her body was perfect under that black cape.

“Now we have two leaders inviting you back. Are we being sincere enough?” Ye Xiaoxiang asked.

She was apparently standing right in front of Gu Songzi, yet she looked dim, like a black hole, sucking all the light around her.

“Are you here to invite me or to capture me?” Gu Songzi asked while clenching his teeth.

“If you’re willing to follow us, then it’s inviting. If you not, then… we’re going to capture you.”

After pausing for a short while, Ye Xiaoxiang said, “Are you also curious why we’re still going strong under your toxins?”

Gu Songzi was speechless.

“I’ve long heard since I was a child that you’re one of the best poison masters in the world. How could we not have been fully prepared before coming here?” Ye Xiaoxiang asked.

“Really? Can your poison repellant ward off the blood poison of Pluto King?”

Without hesitation, Gu Songzi took out a metal ball and threw it toward Ye Xiaoxiang.


The metal ball exploded, turning into a cluster of blood-red mist, spreading everywhere like the tentacles of an octopus, covering the entire Spiritual Mountain.

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