SSS-Class Suicide Hunter
SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS급 자살헌터

405 Chapters 8.54M Views 21.2K Bookmarked Completed Status

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Sinnoa. 405 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


I want an S-Rank skill too! I want it so badly, I could die for it!

[You have awakened an S-Rank skill.] [But it only works when you die.]


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  • Deiceide 1

    tis masterpiece finally made it to the top 100

  • No_AnHh_ 21

    guys this novel is great now hear me out I am at manseng master's arc and it's complicated af I am losing my braincells reading it again not because novel is bad but bcoz my cliche reading *ss can't follow it...and i am losing my motivation so i want to ask veterans to drop me some interesting spoilers that would make me continue further thanks

  • TastyPoison 6

    Can someone tell me at which chapter constellation killer kill mc and found out about 6 body puppet thing? I want to give this novel another chance bcuz I drop at constellation killer past/classroom arc, boring AF (I fall asleep like 4th times back to back )😭

  • Badger 6

    Started reading this novel a few years ago and now I finally find out it's finished, time to dig in. Bone apple teet! 🥳🤩😇

  • Dictatorias 18

    Completed ? I think it was abandoned for years, soooo good ending? good story ?

    • demonking0 1

      I think novel TLs were working at a snails pace back when the manhwa started to come out, I guess they sped up real quick as manhwa got really popular over the last year or so

  • HiHello 9

    This novel was amazing. But their were some issues with the translation, at least from my pov. Their were times where the words and sentences were very ambiguous in their meaning, to the point your confused on what were they even talking about. Idk, this might be how the actual novel itself is written to us, rather than the translation. Anyway, amazing translations either way. It was able to encompass very sophisticated words and sentences, making them coherent as a whole.

    Edited: 5d
  • Weaver 3

    where did the manhwa leave off what ch? where can I pick up from?

  • Semus06 2

    This story was such an amazing rollercoaster of emotions, the pure magic of the author's way with words made me see and think of things that no other novel made me feel and i just love kim gongja an amazing nutjob of a character

  • lnwUser24248 1

    So can anyone spoil me on what happens to the Paladin and the Countess at the end of the novel

  • Bible_Camp_Victim 9

    what what WHAT!!! IT FINISHED?!?! I JUST TRIED STACKING A LITTLE?!?! I swear, I saw the other novel that is from the same author, but my monkeys brain just did not make the connection that if the author is making another novel then it means that he finished the last one

    Edited: 12d