The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR)
The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR)

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR)

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701 Chapters 4.26M Views 6.1K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Web Novel KR) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Naghasan. 701 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The worst student of Westroad Academy. The disgrace of the Blake House. A new soul enters the body of Frey Blake, who couldn’t overcome his miserable life and chose death instead. “What’s with this body? I’ll have to work on tuning it from scratch.” The Great Mage Lucas Traumen, with the body of Frey Blake, gains a chance at revenge!

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  • ExplodingPatience
    Reader KP:904

    Once it was quite good... but now i don't know what's actually happening...

    28 days ago Reply
  • v4llon
    Reader KP:5

    I'm up to date and I can say it is well worth it reading this. Sometimes the story just slow down and sometimes it just speeds up a lot by a few dialogues. I'd highly recommend it, both first and second part.

    1 months ago Reply
  • Mex980
    Reader KP:832

    I'm thinking of reading this novel, but I'm hesitating because of the fact that the description says that the body's family Mc owns despises the body's original owner. Could someone tell me if this attitude changes or if it's just certain people who hate him. If the attitude changes, in which chapter?

    1 months ago Reply
    • Garett
      Reader KP:41

      I am hesitating as well, due to not liking novels with too detailed combat and almost nothing on story and various character buildings. This one looks like a usual KR detailed combat novel.

      1 months ago Reply
    • demosthene
      Reader KP:16

      To avoid spoilers. The simple answer is Yes. Based on how the story progresses, all of it doesn't matter lol.

      1 months ago Reply
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  • WandererMagician19
    Reader KP:1523

    Dude the light age heroes are all destined to become a sh*tty lucid become undead lukas went mad under the pressure of his millions of years mission, died while fighting with his friend Kasajin and was finally sent to a world he didn't know and his existence was slowly absorbed by a demon iris betrayed her comrades to save the man she loved and 4000 he endured this t*rt*r* for years, finally forgetting even Luke and Schweiser lives as a robot

    2 months ago Reply
  • Zorian26
    Reader KP:347

    Lukas has become a bit like Natsuki Subaru (Re:Zero). He dies and he later comes back to life; the ability is called Reversible Death. The difference is that Lukas always comes back to a specific time (in the desert😅) while Subaru only comes back to key points in the past and the more time progresses the more he loses the opportunity to come to a specific time in the past.

    Edited: 14 Sep, 12:36
    2 months ago Reply
  • demosthene
    Reader KP:16

    This new power and constant coming back to a certain point after death is basically just Doctor Strange and his fight with Dormammu... Maybe instead of 'The Great Mage Returns After 4000 years' it should just be called Lukas Strange Returns

    2 months ago Reply
  • Rijadah
    Reader KP:228

    when i read TL i feel like i have a budy who is reading with me😂

    2 months ago Reply
  • Gendrew
    Reader KP:220

    okay he's not he great mage anymore but..."The Mad Sorcerer Returns After 4000 Years"

    3 months ago Reply
  • pika
    Reader KP:355

    Im thinking of starting this novel. Should i start from where the manhwa left of or from the beginning?

    3 months ago Reply
    • AnasAmr
      Reader KP:5

      You could do either tbh but if youbdont want to start from the very beginning then choose the beginning of the arc that the manhwa is in now

      3 months ago Reply
      • MuhammadRivalsyah
        Reader KP:59

        Which chapter is the beginning of the arc?

        3 months ago Reply
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  • iLost
    Reader KP:549

    Bro I am really curious about what new Lukas' power is in the newest chapter, but there's always a character side story who's probably ended up dying. fuck

    Edited: 06 Aug, 12:18
    3 months ago Reply