Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor
Chapter 1048: Wrath's Journey

1048 Wrath's Journey

Wang Wei's gaze focused on his family. His grandfather had used that heart for intense and cruel training, which allowed his bloodline to develop at a rapid rate. Wang Wei had not had contact with Yang Guowei for a long time, but his intuition told him the latter had found the Nine Suns Emperor. That is to say, his grandfather can have his revenge match very soon.

His father was still in retreat. His clones or incarnations in the Swordsmanship World had already reached the Void Shattering Realm, and he was on his way to finish his Nine Extremity Foundation. As for his mother? She was in the Lower Realm, spreading the Enlightening Temple. More than 2000 years ago, she achieved her cultivation goals and began the final step of gathering merit to prove the Dao.

'My Deception Method seemed to have worked,' thought Wang Wei as he realized True Heavenly Dao was less strict with the Dao Opening Sect or the people close to them. As such, his mother had a high chance of becoming an Empress.

'This gives more hope for Li Jun and Yan Liling.'

His gaze shifted outside of the Myriad Emperor World to other World Communities. A few significant changes had occurred; the primary one was that a few Heavenly Emperors had appeared. These people gritted their teeth and paid the fee to Wang Wei after True Heavenly Dao became the one protecting his patent.

The most powerful of the Heavenly Emperors is undoubtedly He Shiyi, the Battle God Emperor. Many people in the Commerce Hub are still stubborn and do not want to pay the fee, especially after learning about the Myriad Emperor World's expansion in the Lower Realm and the other things they've created that can gather merit. They wanted to copy it and build their own Dream World and maybe even Enlightening Temple.

However, these patents are not even open to the public. So, the only way to get their hands on them is to kill Wang Wei and force the Dao Opening Sect to permit them. And if the sect does not agree, eradicate it until there are no inheritors to these patents.

After knowing their thoughts, He Shiyi came to these people with the promise of helping him kill Wang Wei, and they believed him because he revealed the Spirit Genesis Sect's greatest kept secret - the broken Empyrean Artifact.

Such information brought great confidence to these people from the Commerce Hub, and He Shiyi used this opportunity to grab more power and rapidly recuperate from the loss he suffered at Wang Wei's hands. Although the sect was not back to its full power since it could not easily compensate for the things lost in the Garden, his actions drastically reduced the time they needed to recuperate.

Of course, He Shiyi's life was not all positive. Wang Wei had already planted a bone stuck in his throne in the form of Gao Buqin. The latter became a part of his court, whose entire purpose was to contradict and make things difficult for him.

He Shiyi would not accept such a thing, so he tried eradicating Gao Buqin and his factions. Luckily, Desolate One was his protector and fought with him. Desolate One lost that battle fairly easily, but he also revealed Wang Wei's talisman, forcing He Shiyi to stop since he did not want to reveal his trump card.

'Does he want to lure me into his world and use that artifact?' thought Wang Wei with a sneer. Although he could not divine information about He Shiyi due to the artifact, the Fate Shadow Guard had already infiltrated the upper echelons of the Commerce Hub, so these people's actions did not escape his sight.

'I've been patient with you because of my worry for Emperor Jia. It seems it's time to stop being cautious and eliminate you.' No matter what Emperor Jia hides or does, the truth will be revealed once he deals with He Shiyi.

Wang Wei's gaze shifted to the Star Beast World; he sent words to Tong Ruobing and Mu Lei that they could start spreading the Dream World based on their previous agreement.

Afterward, a screen appeared before him, and a few seconds later, Wrath's beautiful face appeared wearing a crimson dress.

"Why is it so hard to see you?" she asked.

"That's not my fault. When I'm available, you're in retreat. When you're free, I'm the busy one," shrugged Wang Wei.

"I thought you were avoiding me."

"And why would I do something like that?"

"Who knows what shady individuals like you do?"

"I feel like you have a warped view of what kind of person I am."

"No, I see you for what you are?"

"And what is that?"

"It's best that I keep my thoughts out so as not to ruin our acquaintanceship."

"I thought we were friends," said Wang Wei with a smile.

"Friends? If we are friends, why don't you publicly meet me and announce we are working together?"

Wang Wei coughed slightly, a little absurd at this conversation. He felt like he was conversing with his mistress, who grew resentful of her status and wanted a genuine relationship.

"Back to the main topic, I've kept my part of the bargain and saved as the remaining devil races," said Wang Wei before summoning a red crystal ball containing a small world. With a wave, he sent it across an infinite distance to her.

Wrath held the thing in her hands, "What about the Devil Gods?"

"My property, of course." There were four remaining Devil Gods, and Wrath once exchanged one with him. The remaining three were his resources, and he would not hand them over.

"I thought we were friends? Shouldn't friends be more gracious or giving?"

"My mother once told me women were born actresses, they can change spots faster than leopards. I'm starting to think she was correct."

"And is there something wrong with that? You, men, have your naturally strong physique to survive this world, and we have our changing faces and tears."

"Fair point, but let's not discuss this," said Wang Wei. "Tell me what happened to you?"

"Let me think. After I left, I traveled throughout the Endless Void for more training and experience. In my journey, I encounter a few worlds whose hatred for my kind has not abated after so long. These people have raised our devil race in captivity for generations - treating them worse than animals."

Wrath did not hide the hatred and anger in her eyes, "I saved the ones I could and gave hope to the ones I could not." She sighed with some melancholy:

"The only good news about that ordeal was that my Devil Sword absorbed more of our race's resentment, pain, and karma, thus increasing its power. After that, I did as you suggested: use it like a pill to make up for my failed Nine Extremity Foundation. I achieved 4-Root instead of 2 as you predicted.

"I found a plane called Chaos Bell World with a Chaos Treasure fused to its core. This world could deploy powerful protection around it in times of emergency and protect it from foreign invasion. I thought it was the perfect place to use as our new home."

She looked him in the eyes, "You were correct. With the purple merit, True Heavenly Dao accepted our new status-- we are now the Neo-Devil Race."

"A new race?"

"Yes. With a human bloodline weaved into us, we now also have the ability for good, apathy, and innovation, on top of our natural instinct to absorb negative karma."

Wang Wei almost gave her a strange look. The Neo-Devil sounded like humans with a perfect devil race bloodline. However, since True Heavenly Dao acknowledged them as a new race, their bloodline would no longer be so simple.

"What next?"

"I proved the Dao and took the title of Devil Empress."

"Bold name."

"Well, I'm prepared for the consequences of that name," replied Wrath. "Since then, I have been slowly integrating my kind into the Chaos Bell World; I want to turn it into a place of sanctuary for us."

"The Chaos Bell World is the perfect place to protect your kind; you only need to watch out for people trying to take it down from the inside."

"I've made preparations for this possibility."

"But what next?" asked Wang Wei. "You can't expect the Neo-Devil to stay cooped up in their home world forever?"

"Isolation is the best way to protect us," said Wrath. "I will try to change the world's view of us before I leave, but if I fail, this method will at least preserve our existence for a few eras."

"I have a way that may help," added Wang Wei before explaining the Dream World to her.

"Yes, communication and understanding are the best ways to eradicate hatred and generational history. As long as my people interact more with the world and show them their new selves, it's only a matter of time before we can find true acceptance."

Chapter 1048: Wrath's Journey
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