Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor
Chapter 1049: The Return of the Soul Path

1049 The Return of the Soul Path

Wang Wei spent the next few hours talking with her, including checking on Gluttony. Since he told her master he would look out after her, he would not break his promise. He also granted her privileges similar to those of other members of his alliance.

After the conversation ended, Wang Wei took a moment to ponder about his life and goals as he discovered how much farther he had to go for his dreams to be accomplished. Although he is one of the most powerful individuals in the lower dimension, he still has to be careful not to be seen in public with Wrath and the devil race to protect the longevity of his era.

Such an act is a form of restriction, and he did not like it, but that's how things must be. If he were powerful enough and could reach the Half-Step Transcendent Realm as soon as possible and not worry about True Heavenly Dao's effect on his new era, he would not have to do such a thing.

'As cliche as these words are, everything is simply because I'm not strong enough,' analyzed Wang Wei. After shaking his head, he proceeded with his next task by contacting Liang Shixian.

"Is everything set up?" directly asked the second-generation Divine Race.

"It is, but you seem in a hurry."

"I'm just tired of my weak self," he replied. "Plus, my situation is a little dangerous. Would you mind sending someone to come pick me up?"

"Alright." With a thought, Liang Shixian appeared before him at the court, shocking the young God. He looked around, wondering how he could reach this place so quickly and despite the barricade of their Divine Race's Small World.

"Relax, have a cup of tea, and tell me what's going on," said Wang Wei as he changed the throne room to a setting more suitable for receiving guests. Liang Shixian sat down, sipped the tea, and exhaled before narrating his experience.

"As you knew, our Divine Race's Small World only allowed second-generation Gods to leave after cracks began to appear in the Absolute Beginning Magic."

[AN: For a refresher, read ch 570 God King.]

"The elders sent many of us to other worlds to try to cultivate many Emperors and eventually tackle this issue. Two people succeeded and became Pseudo-Eternals before returning home. However, the moment they returned, they were attacked by some people."

"Civil War?" asked Wang Wei calmly.

"Yes. They apparently wanted to weaken these two to prevent them from acquiring more power for the younger generation. Ultimately, they failed, and these two took their revenge; they were brutal and showed no mercy."

Liang Shixian sighed, "All signs indicated that the second-generation Gods were about to take absolute control until the Absolute Beginning Magic suddenly failed - broken without any explanation."

"The first-generation Gods should have a deep foundation that suddenly revealed itself," commented Wang Wei.

"Exactly. He was a powerful Ancestor who could not function properly even in our Small World, but now, he was free. With him alone, he could hold our two Eternals, dragging the war to be longer than it should have been. Now, so many people have begun to escape to avoid this war, leading to a drastic weakening of our kind."

Wang Wei listened attentively as he realized this is what would have happened to the Dao Opening Sect or many other factions had the older generation decided to keep power to themselves while still being immortal. Extreme monopolies have been one of the leading causes for the cultivation of the world's lack of development, and if the older generation never relegated power, the world would have been in a much worse state.

"So, still haven't changed your mind on the Emperor Path?" asked Wang Wei.

"No, I still disdain it."

Wang Wei shook his head, "I've talked about the Dream World before, so let me show it to you. You can take a few days before we begin."

"Alright." Wang Wei showed him how to enter before also checking things himself. The Dream World was not divided into millions of servers, for lack of a better term. The largest or main server is where individuals from all worlds can meet and interact, followed by counterless smaller servers based on an individual's plane.

For example, if a Myriad Emperor World native only wants to converse with people from his home, they must enter that particular server. If they wish to speak to someone else from the Lower Realm, they must enter the most significant server or receive an invitation to enter that person's world server.

The Battle Tower was also divided into servers with many different lists. For example, there was a list of the most powerful cultivators in the Four Pillar World, which Cai Renshu took. That title, of course, went to Wang Wei in the Myriad Emperor World.

Li Jun held the position of the most powerful Heaven Chosen in the Myriad Emperor World and the main server. Cai Renshu actually ranked 28th, and considering this list included millions of worlds, it was very impressive. Of course, a few talented individuals, like Di Jiaying, Wang Wei's father and mother, or Dong Lifen, chose not to participate yet in the rankings.

Wang Wei checked the rankings and was satisfied to see Li Jun and Yan Liling at the top of a list in two servers. Even Tie Gang tops the list for the best legion, beating out Li Jun's Slaughter Legion and a few other talented military strategists.

Wang Wei looked into the distance. The Star Beast World had just acquired its own server, so the lists were about to be shuffled. Soon afterward, the Demon Suppression World, the Chaos Bell World, Ji Lanfang's Immortal Ascension World, and Shi Qian and Xi Shangyan's worlds will also have their own server.

'The next non-alliance world to get their server should be the Martial Hegemony World - that's when our expansion truly begins. However, such a world might cause some headaches. Hopefully, Xu Shi can provide some help to the situation,' thought Wang Wei.

A few days later, Liang Shixian was ready, and Wang Wei took him to a special location in the Dream World. The second-generation God looked at the golden hues floating everywhere, and his eyes shone brightly.

"Such a significant amount of Incense," he commented. He does not think he had seen such an extravagant amount.

"That's normal since it's from an entire World Community," replied Wang Wei calmly. "You know the plan, so let's begin."

Liang Shixian sat cross-legged on the floor and began to cultivate. He ran the cultivation method Wang Wei created and immediately began to condense his Soul Ring and Divine Flame. The soul has certain innate qualities, one of which is its immortal essence. Without cultivator interference, a mortal's soul would not die or be destroyed and continue the endless cycle of reincarnation.

The first part of this technique or path is to condense a soul ring born from the soul's [Immortal Characteristic]. This process is extremely difficult and virtually impossible for most Mortals without a higher being's aid. However, Liang Shixian was a God and cultivated Soul Law.

After numerous attempts, he condensed a soul ring above his Divine Soul. The next step was to absorb the incense and combine it with the ring. Incense, as an energy source of the Gods, also contains [Divinity Characteristic], and divinity is associated with immortality and power.

Liang Shixian gave his hundred percent concentration to condense his Divine Flame. Since the Deception Trial, he has been practicing this technique even though it was full of problems back then. He was confident with all his simulations in the past few days.

Wang Wei calmly watched him. He should be helping him in this part, but he knew of Liang Shixian's pride, so he only watched. After an unknown amount of time, a golden flame appeared above the Soul Ring in Liang Shixian's Sea of Consciousness.

The Divine Flame was bright, noble, immortal-like, and divine; it released a bust of power that washed away every corner of Liang Shixian's soul and body. Now, not only was his soul immortal, but his body also shared the characteristics.

"How do you feel?"

"Powerful, but also disappointed," said Liang Shixian; he could tell his strength was only on par with second-class Emperors.

"You should be proud. Other people would never have this level of strength after becoming God Kings. If not for your affinity with Incense and your talent as a second-generation God, you would probably only be on par with Third Class."

Liang Shixian shook his head, but Wang Wei did not say anything. He warned him beforehand and should have expected this outcome. "What can you do?"

"Besides bypassing most defenses and directly attacking the soul, I seem capable of temporarily borrowing power from the Grand Dao Source," he replied.

"That makes sense. Your soul is powerful enough to bear its power. However, I'm guessing the duration is very short compared to Dao Ancestors."

A God King's Divine Flame was the same as a Dao Ancestor's Inner World or an Immortal Venerate's Immortal Mansion. If it's destroyed, they lose their strength and suffer serious injuries.

"Yes, long-lasting battles against them are not recommended."

Wang Wei nodded, "Do you want to immediately announce the return of the Soul Path?"

"No, I'm currently too weak," denied Liang Shixian. "I have some privileges as its founder, and I will use them to become an Eternal Class Powerhouse. Then, I will announce them."

"Will it take long?" asked Wang Wei.

"Not really, but I might need more incense."

"As long as you pay for it, that's fine."

Liang Shixian did not mind since the latter fulfilled their agreement and owed him nothing.

Chapter 1049: The Return of the Soul Path
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