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Title Release Author Time
Destroyer of Ice and Fire Chapter 378: A Startling Discovery Innocent
Still, Wait For Me Chapter 528: There’s not much time remaining Xiang Tingsheng
So What If It’s an RPG World? Vol 11 Chapter 2: Tavern Gathering Qiye Kai Wen
The Godsfall Chronicles Vol 6 Chapter 61: The Power of the Four Realms Half-Drunk Wanderer
A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality Chapter 1137: Familiar Wang Yu
Death Scripture Chapter 839: A Detour Cold Glamor
Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 440: Let’s continue where we left off on the punishment shall we?…. Ruqing Rusu
The Gate Of Good Fortune Chapter 697: Hard To Survive Goose Five
Trash of the Count's Family Chapter 418: Save Me! 3 Yulyeohan
Monarch of Evernight Chapter 841: Zhao-Tradition, Song-Tradition Misty South
Red Packet Server Chapter 849: The Night Before the Struggle for the Three Realms. Zhi Xin
Mai Kitsune Waifu Chapter 802: He is not a chess piece Ram de Night
Sage Monarch Chapter 547: Misty Kingdom Divine Dreamwalker
Tranxending Vision Chapter 723 Li Xianyu
World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 562: Side Story Angry Thrall
Descent of the Phoenix: 13 Years Old Princess Consort Chapter 633 Yi Shi Feng Liu
The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 1401: Deadly Figh Juantu
Lord of All Realms Chapter 1143: Observing the Battle Ni Cang Tian
Poison Genius Consort Chapter 1017: He’s calmer than she is Jie Mo
The Charm of Soul Pets Vol 3 Chapter 1033: Ancient, Lost Desolation Garden Fish’s Sky
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1661: Disaster 4 Dạ Bắc
Perfect World Chapter 1698 Chen Dong
Upgrade Specialist in Another World Chapter 1228: Dongfang Ming's Despair Endless Sea Of Clouds
Imperial God Emperor Chapter 1339: Reborn Mad Blade During Troubled Times
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 918: One Shot Instant Kill Ordinary Magician
Renegade Immortal Chapter 2038: Immemorial God Realm! Er Gen
Rise of The Undead Legion Chapter 370: First Hun Biako
Talisman Emperor Chapter 1603: Generous Rewards Xiao Jinyu
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future Chapter 794: Punishment! Madam Ru
Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 1518: Raw 1499 : Lone Rescuer Moon Like Fire
Invincible Chapter 1283: It’s Useless Even If You Try Shen Jian
Against the Gods Chapter 1588: Bidding Goodbye Mars Gravity
Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 2133: Powers of the Gods Li Tian
Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1478: Dominating the Scene Supreme Villain
Emperor's Domination Chapter 2609: Stepping Up Yan Bi Xiao Sheng
Martial God Asura Chapter 3852: The Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb Kindhearted Bee
Lucia Chapter Side Story 7.6: (END) - The Beginning of All Stories Covering The Sky
Zhanxian Chapter 390.1: Fifth Grade Medicinal Pill Ren Yuan
Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2526: The Seven Imprints Xin Xing Xiao Yao
Great Demon King Chapter 785: Refining Weapons Ni Cang Tian
Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 899: Showing off All Abilities Autumn Morning
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife Chapter 2410: Monarch of the Devil Race I Love Mermaid
Age of Adepts Chapter 987: Falling One By One Zhen De Lao Lang
Long Live Summons Chapter 755.2: Dragon Ladies, Lovebird Divine Sword (Part 2) Xia Fei Shuang Jia
The Sacred Ruins Chapter 782: Blotting out the Sky with One Hand Chen Dong
Carefree Path of Dreams Chapter 869: Solomon The Plagiarist
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 878: You Are A Good Man Cabbage Flatbread
Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 785: Panda Eyes Cat Who Cooks
Pet King Chapter 1252: Ladder Jie Po
Spirit Realm Chapter 1761: Sweep! Ni Cang Tian